Monthly Archives: December 2012

Two Fish and Triskele Farms

Two affiliated projects have updated info to share.

Two Fish Farms in Bear Lake, MI is making great progress with the schoolhouse remodel and has made a long-awaited blog post with photos.

Triskele Farms is a newly germinating urban farm project in Lansing, MI.  I will be assisting my sister with the development of this farm.  She is currently working to get approval for a small milk goat herd in the city.

Detroit Urban Farming

A lot has been going on in Detroit to develop urban farming and gardening projects, and the city is moving forward on making things easier.  The freep reports the Detroit City Council will be voting on a new urban agriculture zoning ordinance in early 2013.  The new zoning is expected to pass, and should significantly enhance opportunities for existing and new urban farm developments.

Detroit Agriculture and Open Space is a great site for connecting with the city’s various urban farming and gardening projects.

Great Lakes EXPO

I attended the Great Lakes EXPO in Grand Rapids, MI the first week of December as one of the greenhouse industry speakers.  (You can grab handouts of my talk on Seed Plug Production here at  It’s a somewhat unique show, as it combines greenhouse, vegetable, and fruit horticulture topics and vendors. Continue reading

Michigan Permaculture Garden Grants

Grow Share Feed, a 501(c)3 Michigan nonprofit, has a grant program for Pemaculture vegetable gardens designed to feed Michigan communities.  Ten grants of $1,000 are available.

Details on the grant are available here.  Deadline for submission is February 1, 2013, with winners announced March 1, 2013.

2012 Garden Tomato Variety Review

I often choose a theme for my own garden, and this past season’s theme was “oddball and unusual”.  On the tomato front, I focused on a few of old favorites and a big double handful of more unusual varieties, particularly “black” and purple types, most of which I had not grown before.  Over 20 different tomato varieties were included in this year’s garden (admittedly more than was optimum for the relatively small size of the garden — as the collapsed bamboo trellis many were grown on can attest).  I also was fortunate enough to include several grafted tomato varieties.  Continue reading

Lansing Area Sustainable Farming Resources

My sister will soon be living in Lansing, Michigan, so she has been looking into  inspiring projects going on in the area and local resources.  Coming soon, Triskele Farm, her two-lot urban educational farm project that I will be consulting on. Continue reading