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Weekend Permaculture Design Course in Michigan

Pierce Cedar Creek Institute in Hastings, MI is offering a weekend workshop based, year long Permaculture Design Course. The first class is January 21 and will cover the Principles of Natural Systems and Design. The course will be taught by Western Michigan University Office for Sustainability Permaculture Coordinator Josh Shultz.

The weekend format is built on independent workshops. This format allows  easier scheduling for individuals with work, budget, and other commitments. It can also allow those interested in specific topics to participate without committing to an entire design course. The extended format also allows for visits to field sites throughout the year, focusing on seasonally appropriate topics.

The first workshop serves as an overview of Permaculture concepts. It runs Saturday and Sunday, January 21 and 22 from 9 am to 4 pm each day. Cost is $200 for members $200 and $220 for non-Members.

For more information can be found at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute